[this makes me happy]

I'm not a coffee drinker but I'm a huge fan of hot chocolate in the winter and I love the idea of drinking it out of a reusable porcelain to go cup with a silicone lid, designed by James Burgess. What a fabulous idea. I'm always up for anything that takes something ordinary and makes it exquisite...and for only $20...perfect.


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  2. It is nice all white but the testing review I saw about these style cups was to go for a metal cup because the porcelain or ceramic cups didn't keep your beverage hot long enough.
    But way smart looking.
    I'll have a hot chocolate with whip cream and cinnamon sprinkled on top....

  3. Genius! My mom has a travel mug that looks like a Starbucks cup, but it's lacking the super cute silicone lid. Love it... and I wasn't expecting Urban Outfitters to pop up on the link! I should pay them a visit more often. :)

  4. i got this a while ago, and i use it as often as i use my metal sigg coffee cup. and it does stay hot, long enough for me anyway. i got mine at whole foods for 16 bucks!

  5. my concern is that the pristine whiteness wouldn't be for long.

    coffee, tea and hot cocoa would all stain after not too long.