[gorgeous wedding, amazing photography]

These pics are from a while back (July 17th to be exact) and are from my best friend's wedding where I was the matron of honor (that's me at the end, the pregnant blondie walking with the best man, the grooms brother and photographer extraordinaire, Jared Wilson). I recently saw these photos for the first time on Jared's blog and had to share (Jared is the one who took Jon's head shots and we are big fans). The wedding was beautiful, the bride stunning...an all around perfect event.


  1. the one by the truck is AMAZING!

  2. Your blog is beautiful. I found it from Decor 8.
    You look great for a pregnant blondie and congratulations for the birth of your second little son.

  3. Beautiful is right. And look at you, so light on your feel! I'm delighted I discovered your blog.