[style icon]

A while back a good friend asked me who my style icon was. I told her I wasn't sure. So she went through various fashionable ladies in Hollywood such as Knightly, Miller, Williams, etc. to see if any of their looks spoke to me. Many of them appealed to me but no one stood out as someone I could call an "icon". Now, however, I think I've finally found my style icon in famed interior designer Kelly Wearstler. Not only does she have impeccable taste when it comes to interiors, she's a fashion aficionado whose personal style really speaks to me. She always look fabulous with a hint of edge, glamorous and modern, just like her designs. I love her. Gorgeous, truly gorgeous.


  1. Plus your sorta look like her!
    especially the pose of her in the chair with her jean-ed legs tucked up!
    Oh Mer I love the yellow girl on your look of the day on the side!
    It makes me think of Pushing Daisies! I love that show!

  2. i was just gonna say that! she looks just like you!

  3. ok, well i guess i'm going to repeat the same thing everyone else said...so it must be true. you two look alike!
    hope y'all are doing great. i didn't get to say goodbye or get an autograph from you both. i need to do that before y'all become too famous!

  4. oh my god i love her too....and your blog is really special, by the way....

  5. Oh I just love her! That last room is so gorgeous! First time visiting your blog and it's lovely-I really like it a lot! I am going to add you to my blogroll! Daisy~

  6. just found your blog thru creature comforts---love it!
    totaly agree with your style icon--the only reason i kept watching bravos top design was to see what she would be wearing every week!