[adorable posters and cards]

Loving these prints and cards by blogger and shop girl Jennifer Ramos. Find her goods here.


  1. Merrilee, I am in love with your blog. You must hear this all the time but here goes ... Don't move to Cali when you can live in the lovely Hudson Valley, NY near me! What a beautiful site you created to share with all of us in the blogging world. I too love Small Magazine, am interested in Eliza now because of you. I feel I'm on image overload from all the beautiful things and places to visit on your blog so I'm signing off for now. Will be back very soon. Am soooo excited I found you. Isn't that kinda silly really? That I'm sooo excited but I am!

  2. I'm loving the ABE poaster it's so cute, I'm totaly going to have to put some bright pink in the family fame room too ;)

  3. Merrrilee,
    Thank you so much for posting my work....I appreciate it. : )
    Your blog is so pretty ive also added you to my blogroll!

    Jen Ramos
    '100% Recycled DESIGNER Cards & More'