[Happy Father's Day!]

I have to give a shout out to my father today. When I think of my dad I think of board games, chapter books being read to me as a young girl at bedtime, daddy-daughter dates, Hewlett Packard/Agilent hot chocolate and dry erase markers, Star Trek, gardening, Visiting Scientist, homework help, corny jokes and bad puns (who doesn't right?), the paper route, occasional but meaningful chats about life and the future, and much more. Thanks Dad for being the best! (and who can deny your geek chic fashion sense with those chops, cons and rockin' retro glasses...so many young boys today would kill to look this cool :)). Happy Father's Day dad!
And of course I can't forget my husband, Jon. This is his second official Father's Day and I hope we treated him appropriately (apple pancakes, a homemade card from AJ, a memory book...and an iPhone...you know small things like that). I'm so thankful for Jon and what a great dad he is. I'm lucky to have him and am excited for all the memories he'll be making with our kids for years to come. Happy Fathers Day Jon!


  1. Ok mer those pick are rockin'! I love dads look! I also love all the thoughts you shared on our great father. Ditto! we all love dad and he is awesome!

  2. Mer,
    don't ya just love the blue checked panted with the pink striped shirt!
    And Check out his sneakers!!!!
    I actually remember going to that petting zoo. It is all those fun little things that add up and give you warm fuzzies in side!