[parting is such sweet sorrow]

We are packing up and shipping out...and we aren't entirely emotionally ready for the move. When I started to take down all of the artwork and trinkets throughout the house I got really melancholy and nostalgic so I had to take a camera around for a few last moment snapshots. We have had such a great time here in Knoxville and I've had a blast decorating the first home of our own. I've been especially emotional about AJ's room. Knoxville is where he was born and this is his first home, his first room, etc. (you get the picture). We were lucky with a quick sale, a true blessing in today's market, and things are moving ahead at a quick pace. Our goal is to ship out on Monday...

So...where are we going next? The end in sight is Valencia, California. It is close enough to L.A. for Jon but far enough away to be somewhat affordable...and we hear it's a great place to settle. Before we make it all the way to Cali, we are planning to stop by Colorado and Utah to visit family and friends. If anyone is in the area, we'd love to see you.

To all our Knoxville friends, I can't really think about saying goodbye...my throat gets all dry and I immediately swing into denial mode. We love you all so much and are thankful for your kindness and friendship. You have been here for us in some of the most important moments of our lives and you will never be forgotten. Come on over this weekend for food and fun and if you want to exert a bit of muscle, we'll let you help us load the truck :) but mostly we want to see you all before we leave...so don't be a stranger.


  1. MONDAY!!! That's a little premature, don't you think. Don't you want to mull over it a little longer? L.A. Big deal. We got a sunsphere.


  2. why is it that women always move when they're pregnant? My gyno says it is truly a phenomenon. I know you're busy but you should send me a quick E-mail with details. I'm going to be in Utah July 3-20 by the way. Good Luck with packing and all. Sure wish I could have visited you in knoxville.

  3. I'd love to see you when you come through Utah. I'm having sympathy sorrows for you leaving the East. Sometimes I still miss the East. I'm sure you will love it in Cali though!

  4. Oh no! I was hoping to stop in Knoxville to see you when we moved back to Maryland in early August! So sad to just barely miss you. Good luck with your move! I know you'll always remember your first house, but I'm sure you'll make your next home amazing. Afterall, if seven girls could make the Junkyard a home, imagine what you can do with a real house!!!