Gear up for Journal Making at GAP Kids this weekend!!

Friends it's almost the weekend and that means it's almost time for another fun and crafty filled weekend with Mer Mag and GAP Kids! This Saturday your little shining all stars will be making their very own custom journal!

I love the idea of getting your kids into journal writing at an early age. My boys each have a journal and we try to have them write in it at least once a week. Little O can't really write as of yet but he can draw pictures and I can write in captions of what he says.
It's so great to look back at these to see what you children were interested in and what little thoughts go through their adorable heads. For example, A used to have a lot of imaginary friends. They have not really been around for the past year and I'm afraid I would completely forget about this stage in his little life if we hadn't written about them all and drawn a number of pictures of them (their names were Pusa - his absolute best imaginary friend - Tiger, Patrick, Weird, and more). I miss the silly imaginary guys but It think that now that Little O is an older playmate for A, his need for imaginary friends has diminished.
Little O's thoughts these days are very Mario centric. Right now it seems like there will never be an end to Mario talk around here but I'm sure one day he'll grow out of if and I'll love looking back at all pictures and stories we've told. (Can you guess what the boys will be for Halloween this year? I'm having fun trying to figure out how to get into that one...).

If you live by one of the participating GAP stores, I would highly recommend stopping in for some journal making and back to school shopping (they have some great sales and I love their selection this fall!).

Journal making will take place from:

10AM - 1PM

at any of the following GAP Kids locations:

New York: 85th & 3rd
San Francisco: Los Gatos
Los Angeles: Sherman Oaks
Chicago: Old Orchard
Boston: Natick Mall
Miami: Coco Walk
Philadelphia: Walnut St.
Dallas: Stonebriar
Toronto: Yorkdale

And like always, I'd LOVE to see any pics of your little ones creating as well as what their final journals end up looking like! Just email them over and I'd love to put them on the blog.
And don't forget to check out GAP's online line up of crafts. This weekend is sure to be a creative one!!


  1. Oh how wonderful. I've kept a journal since I was a kid and it's fun looking back on them. That's great that your children have them and create them. I'm sure this will be a very fun event with lots of success. Best wishes to you for this coming weekend!

  2. Love this notebook project! So glad you shared your blog link in today's Alt class! Love your blog, your style and how kid friendly your projects are!!