[Crayon installations and...]


So things are starting to look more like home around here and I can't tell you how much of a relief that is. I don't do well amidst clutter and boxes - let's just say it doesn't bring out the best in me. For better of for worse, I'm highly influenced by my surroundings. So I'm happy to report that I'm feeling calm and happy now that things are more or less in order and I'm ready leap right into fall.

The boys are also really starting to feel more at ease here. Little O is our assertive explorer and has discovered what to do with every nook and cranny in our new home. Such as this creative crayon installation that he initiated.
Little A jumped right in to join in the fun. And I have to say, I'm quite taken with their creative eye. Those clever little artists.

And so my only question is, is it too early to delve into Halloween? When do you start your frightful festivities? Do you wait until October or do some of you sneak into the spooky fun before the harvest month begins? Do Share!


  1. The crayons look awesome! We just moved and are still living 1/2 out of boxes - so I can relate :) As for Halloween, the sooner the better!

  2. I was thinking of starting to decorate for fall this week. Never to early. All my Fall songs on my playlist mention September so there you go. I LOVE how they were adding crayons to the fireplace! It is amazing how creative kids are.

    - Sarah

  3. I feel you, mer mag! I'm dying to start Halloween, but making myself hold off until Oct 1. I'm just scratching the itch by making Halloween crafts to be ready when it's time to decorate.

  4. I'm very influenced by my surroundings as well. I sometimes envy people who seem to be able to live in the most cluttered and disrupted spaces. I just find I'm much calmer when my home is aesthetically pleasing and there is a good flow to everything. So I definitely sympathize with the moving situation.

  5. We put our Halloween stuff up! I want to see yours! When mom is here we will for sure going to visit you. You are more than welcome to come here as well!

  6. Your new home looks lovely. I love the mantle (with or without crayons).

    I wait until Oct 1 to start Halloween festivities, but as Victory said, it's never too early to begin planning. :)

    Plus, September has its charms. It's finally cool enough to bake again, and this week is the autumnal equinox, when we make our first pumpkin cookies of the season. Yum!

  7. I usually wait until October to start decorating the house, but it's never too early to start Halloween paintings!

  8. Oh my gosh...I LOVE your new house.

  9. I love your new house TOO!

    You have to be careful with putting decorations up too early. As long as you absolutely love them you wont get sick of them before Halloween finally arrives. That happened to me one year and I was really itching to move on to the next holiday before Oct 31st.

  10. I know I am late commenting on this post but, holy cow, Mer, I LOVE your new place and I dying to see more pictures.