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OK ladies, like we need another excuse to go shoe shopping. But it certainly doesn't hurt if we know we will be reusing our shopping bag afterwards, right!? I've been particularly fond of this DSW striped shoe bag for sometime and have been saving it for just the right project. I think I finally found it! So today, for my second Halloween installment, I'm sharing with you how to make these super easy, super cute bat holders out of a cardboard tube, a little paint and a paper bag (or any other fun, thick paper you have lying around). This project is a fun and easy project for your kids to do as well.

First thing you do is cut the card board tube down to the size you want (you can use old paper towel or toilet paper rolls, etc.). Then you paint the tubes with black craft acrylic paint. While the paint is drying, cut out some bat wing shapes out of your bag/paper. (Because this bag has been around for sometime, it's a little wrinkled, but yours will most likely be smooth). Be sure to leave a little extra room where the wing will be attached to the cardboard roll as that part will be folded over and attached to the roll. Now cut two small black triangles for the bat ears.
Once the tube dries, go back and paint a simple bat face using white craft acrylic paint. After that dries, adhere the bat wings onto the body of the bat by folding over a bit of the wing and placing adhesive on the folded tab (I used glue dots for this but you could use simple elmer's glue). Place a dot of adhesive to each bat ear and then adhere them to the inside of tube wherever you want your ears. Give it a moment for the adhesive to do it's magic and then, voila! you have yourself a fun little bat in a matter of minutes!
The real batty magic happens when you decide just want to do with these little bats. You could use them as finger puppets and put on a spooky show or just set them out as a Halloween decoration but I really like their utilitarian value. For example they make great napkin holders and would be darling as a last minute addition to a haunted feast!
Or my personal favorite, candy holders. Don't you think these would make great favors at a Halloween party or serve as a fun way to package a treat for coworker, friend, etc. ?
In fact, they are so enticing they won't stay around for long. Watch our for little hands trying to sneak away with the candy!


  1. this is such a CUTE idea!!

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  3. I love this! and I love that you see inspiration in our everyday items.

  4. What a great idea!!! How utterly adorable!

  5. I'm writing a round up style post for TLC's Parentables.com website and would love to share your halloween craft project.

    May I have permission to use a photo and link back to your post?

    Brittany aka Pretty Handy Girl

  6. Adorable! I'm making these with my kids on Friday.

    I posted a picture and link on my blog!


  7. SO CUTE! I love the striped wings though but I don't shop at DSW.. now I feel the need to however....

  8. Just stopping by to let you know that I have featured your project on Fun Family Crafts! You can see it here

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