[summer round up: part 1]

With yesterday reaching a record high of 113 degrees in the LA area (HOT, people...HOT!), I felt it only appropriate to begin my 2010 summer round up series. You might have noticed that I was a little MIA during the summer months, but that doesn't mean I didn't have lots to share with you all. I simply wanted to soak up all the fun, and all the sun (yeah, 'cause it's not like it isn't hot for like...the entire fall season here or anything...) before getting back into the swing of things with school, work, holidays, blogging, etc.

To start things off with a bang I wanted to share with you the stellar Liddiard family reunion that Jon's sister, Karen (cute girl in the middle of all her brothers in the pic below), hosted for the family. She chose a super hero theme and flew with it. I was asked to help out with a few things and I was more than happy to indulge my inner party planner.
Upon arrival Karen greeted and presented each family with custom made reunion t-shirts with "Liddiard Man" on them that read "Truth, Justice and the Liddiard Way". Everyone then colored in the shirts by using fabric markers (genius Karen!), which was a huge hit with both kids and adults alike. Each family brought their own capes (I made ours, seen in the first two pics) which, when teamed up with the new t-shirts, made an incredible super hero sea of reds, yellows and blues.
Karen borrowed a giant blow up slide for the occasion and the kids were happy to show off their mad super powers all while keeping cool. I created a make shift "photo booth" complete with speech bubbles so that the supers could communicate what was really on their minds. I also wrapped each table in banner paper and then drew on comic strip boxes for everyone to share or create their own incredible stories.
The afternoon continued with scrumptious food, oreo cookie eating contests, talent shows and good times with the cousins. Probably the highlight of the event was when we celebrated Jon's father, Don, who recently retired, with a personalized superhero book. I was in charge of compiling and designing the book, which was an honor (It became a wonderful way to learn more about my in-laws which made me love and appreciate them all the more). The book consisted of photos from Don's early years, family photos, admiring words and stories from all the kids and their spouses. He seemed genuinely pleased with the gift and I was happy to be even a small part of it.
The night concluded with an outdoor showing of The Incredibles complete with movie popcorn and red vines. It truly was an amazing day and I left feeling happy to be able to be a part of this true family of Incredibles!


  1. 100% awesome! My kids would want to leave my family for your in an instant after seeing these pics. So fun!

  2. hands down the best reunion idea ever!!

  3. Seriously awesome. The crafty little capes I just made seem so sad now.

  4. Wow! I love this. Everyone looks like they had a blast!

  5. Absolutely BRILLIANT. Seriously, I'm blown away by this!

  6. that sounds like so much family fun, i love it all!

  7. I love you in-laws!! :) what a fun theme! I Love every bit of it!

  8. what company did you use to make/print the book?

  9. I ADORE this idea! I'll have to suggest it for our family reunion next summer. The capes rock too, I really need to make some like that for my boys. Maybe I need one too...

  10. What a cool reunion ... I don't think I have ever seen anything this fun!!