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Be they fabric or oil based, it's official, I'm obsessed with paint pens. The possible applications for these snazzy little markers are truly endless (and SO not messy...big plus).

I first experimented with the oil based pens on wood, creating freestyle geometric patterns (yes I'm also obsessed with this pattern, I can't help it. It's so fun and nearly impossible to mess up). After playing around a bit I got the hang of these. I found that you have to shake and push down hard for a bit on an alternative surface to get the paint flowing in a consistent manner. Then when you notice it start to fade you'll have to do this again. I was pretty happy with how my little experiment turned out and I'm thinking of making a few more as a set of coasters (which I will then seal and add little padded feet).
Once I got going with this little pen I couldn't put it down. For my next project I covered a 12x12 boxed canvas in black acrylic paint. After letting it dry I jumped right in with the paint pen (making sure to prime the tip first). I was pretty happy with the ease of use. I missed the interesting line quality that an actual paint brush would give but with how fast it all came together I really can't complain (I'm sure with practice one could become quite skilled with this medium). I like how it took on a chalk-on-chalkboard sort of look.

So now I have a new little bird for my wall which just might have to be the beginning of a mini-series for me. I'm thinking constellation charts, more birds, botanical diagrams...you name it.


  1. okay...just might have to get some of these. I am a doodle queen.

  2. ooo that does look fun and addictive. I might have to get my hands on some of those!

  3. I love it! I've wondered how these paint pens would work - now I know that I need one! : )

  4. great little blog!

  5. Love the pen and the illustration is amazing!

    Thanks for sharing ~ Elizabeth

  6. Oh no! I'm trying not to spend any money on anything due to an impending cross country move, and now you've twisted my arm! I must go out and get said paint pens and some new little canvases. What a sweet little idea!

  7. I've fallen in love with you're blog.
    How creative you are.
    I kind of envy you.
    Enough said.

  8. love these! i wonder how they would work on cork board (my current obsession).

  9. how fantastic! have never heard of paint pens -- your drawing is wonderful and constellation charts would be amazing -- looking forward

  10. love how this looks, particularly your white bird on black. very sharp. no pun intended.

  11. So cool! I need to find something cool to use these on!

  12. This is soo cool! Such a beautiful illustration!! :)

  13. oh. so pretty... i think that i have to get some of these. ;)
    have a great weekend.