["why didn't I think of that?"...]

Now that baby O has wiggled his way into the title of toddler, I knew it was high time I did away with the itsy-bitsy, teeny-weeny baby towels that I've been stretching over and around him in and attempt to dry and cuddle after bath time. Little A's polar bear towel had also seen quite a bit of wear and tear so it was undoubtedly time for new bath towel hoodies for the boys.
I loved the white simplicity of Little A's previous bath towel as well as the little hidden hand pockets and wanted to carry over both of these features in the boys new towel wraps. I had previously purchased white terry cloth and striped fabric that my mother ran through her bias tape machine (super cool time saving device btw...seriously am going to have to get one of these) months ago but just couldn't decide on how I wanted to put them together. There were so many options...I could put the hood on a rectangle of fabric or just cut out a square and add a hood at one corner, etc. but none of these seemed to capture the look I was going for.
Then out of the blue a friend called me up wanting some sewing help with a couple of baby towel wraps she was making. She brought over a version that her aunt had made out of an pre-existing towel. All her aunt had done was fold the towel in half, cut a scoop out of the top, sewn on some trim and presto - new hooded towel. It was so simple. so brilliant. I was sold. Quickly I measured how long I wanted the towels (based on the boys heights) and where I wanted the scoop/hood to be.
I then added a couple of triangles for hand pockets, the trim, and finally some ears. I love the results. They drape so nicely and the boys love them (even if it was hard to get them to sit still long enough in them for any sort of photo shoot).
In fact, baby O wasn't having it so here we see Little A sporting his blue eared bear towel in a crouch, ready to spring around the living room couch.
And as Little A became restless during the shoot he managed to grab my camera and take this candid pic of me readying the towel. I rather like how it turned out. So telling.
And of course...as the photo shoot was wrapping up Little A rid himself of the towel and willingly posed for some goofy shots of his own choosing.


  1. so adorable. I am having the same issue with my just turned toddler. Thank you for the ideas!

  2. SO great! Will definitely have to be making some of these. Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. such a cute idea! I will have to give that a try for a friend's little boy

  4. I love this! And perfect timing for growth in our house!

  5. I love this idea! What an easy way to give gifts to my nieces and nephews. And I love that you kept the candid photo - I really like it too

  6. So great- I love this idea- Love the photos too- and love your little mans monster shirt.

  7. these are so adorable! and i'm so happy to hear about the bias tape making machine-i didn't realize such a thing existed!

  8. Brilliant! And I bet you could use the material that you cut away for the hand pockets and the ears. Enough for a wash mitt, even?

  9. CUTE! I will defiantly try this pattern!

  10. hello! i just discovered your blog today and am totally smitten! you are amazing! i love the framed 'i am a child of god' quote above your boy's head ;) did you make that!? it is beautiful! p.s. i also love your RENT-inspired birthday card to your husband. precious!