[knee deep in...]

I'm swimming in wrappings and trimmings and loving every minute of it. Never mind that I was a half an hour late to the Christmas book club party (my sitter was stuck in a Cosco line for 20 min!) or that after giddily wrapping up my book for the giveaway I ended up driving around for another half an hour trying to find the home of the host (my GPS wouldn't register the address). Never mind that I gave up when it was time to put the littles to bed.
I tried not to think about how I would not be able to talk about one of my favorite classics, Jane Eyre. No comparing Mr. Rochester to Mr. Darcy (Mr. Rochester totally wins. Swoon....). No memorable discussion about the admirable character and moral of Miss Eyre. No commiserating over the the hero and heroin's heartache. No talk or drooling over the new all-time favorite cinematic Masterpiece Theater representation of the novel (I made Jon stay up all night watching it with me-they nailed the characters so well! Top of the Christmas list for sure). No, none of these things can bother me for long. I have a pretty package. An additional gift for my list. And many more pretty papers, ribbons and tags to immerse myself in. I'm happy. Christmastime is here. And having it ushered in by Mr. Rochester and little Jane Eyre...well, what more can I ask for?


  1. Oh I just love the wrapping paper used on the first image...just adorable!

  2. the very book i am currently reading! i am loving it - have just got to the wedding scene...feeling a little shocked, but sure all will be well in the end! continue to enjoy your christmas, what a great time of the year.

  3. Just last night a gave a copy of Jane Eyre to a friend at a secret Santa party...just so I can expect to discuss how dazzling Rochester is. :)

  4. I just finished that movie last night and LOVED IT!!!

  5. so pretty! it definitely is inspiring me to get my wrap on as well...

    xo katherine aka. urbanflea

  6. I just found you via The Crafty Crow, and I'm so pleased to have done so.
    I adore Jane Eyre. I just re-read it a few months ago after watching the Masterpiece Theatre rendition.
    The first time I read it I was a teen and I don't think I was able to grasp at that age just how dreamy Rochester is.
    Makes me wonder what other books are ripe for re-reading.

  7. What beautiful wrapping. Some presents are dressed so beautifully that it is almost a shame to unwrap it. That is one of them. The silver glittered leaf is adorable.