[inspiration overload and feeling rawther...]

Ahh...fall. The dreamiest of seasons, set apart to usher in the delight of holidays magically stacked upon one another in just a way to get us through the drizzly and dreary months of winter. OK, so I live in California, but it has been unusually cold this past week and equally drippy (skipee!) and I have strived to enjoy every minute of the (sadly brief) sweater lovin', boot sportin' weather. Unfortunately, along with draftiness, fall brings with her a most bothersome flu bug. And yes, the little beast found me, and got me good.

So this past week was spent sipping hot herbal teas, lounging with lozenges and tissues while deliriously dreaming about a courageous orphaned daughter of a knight...and somehow trying to keep track of my little knights throughout it all (and relying heavily on our good fried DJ Lance for a little down time).
Of course this little spell couldn't have come at a "better" time. I mean, I only have two costumes to sew before the end of the week, baby O's first birthday to plan and prep for (please say my oven will work by then), and kajillion other Halloweeny creations boiling over in my brain. In fact, this time of year, so beloved by all all in our house, can often get a little congested (in more ways than one). I love the holidays (any excuse to celebrate and throw a party, right?) so much so that I often get a bit of inspiration overload. I have SO many ideas that I start to get stressed and saddened (of my own accord) when I realize that time is slipping by and there is no plausible way I'm going to be able to do it all. So one by one I have to eliminate and prioritize and of course get back to the spirit of it all (but left a little heartbroken for all that I was not able to do). Does this ever happen to you? What's your secret remedy? Please do share! I'd love to curl up with it and let it steam out all my early holiday congestion.


  1. I get overloaded with ideas too. I've yet to find a remedy for my congested creativeness. I tend to dwell on them so much that nothing gets done at all. It's tres annoying!


  2. I plan way ahead of time but it still always seem to get stressful near the the time. Also get lots of friends to help! Good luck =)

  3. This does happen to me too and inevitably I get irritated, stressed and overwhelmed. Ideas are literally keeping me up at night! This last week I sprained my ankle quite severely so it put off many of my plans, including completion of a sewing project, starting a DIY cork-board project and getting items ready for two craft fairs coming up. I sat down last night and made a 2 week pre-Halloween list, day-by-day and although in reality I will be lucky and happy to get half of it done each day, I felt a ton better just getting it all down on paper. To-Do lists give me something to strive for. Good luck and looking forward to seeing what you end up getting done!

  4. hope you're feeling better, merrilee!


  5. No secret remedy for your problem. I just prioritize costumes and ignore the rest. But ask me this question again at Christmas time!
    PS DJ Lance rocks! And all his friends too.

  6. Oh I hope you feel better Merrilee! Nothing's worse than trying to be the mom, but needing to be babied! I so know what you mean about this time of year, creative overload, getting bummed that it goes too fast, etc. I don't have any advice or cure for this sickness, I just try to take it one day at a time. Keep the fun projects, ditch the hard?overwhelming ones! I so wish you lived close by so we could celebrate together! Get well soon!

  7. I make lists to get it out of my brain, but they just become evidence of the un-done so I don't take them seriously.

    It was a sad day for me to realize my kids may have to trick or treat in their Spidey pajamas. But they'd rather dress up in a paper bag and eat pumpkin sugar cookies than have me busy and distracted on something they don't even appreciate the creative aspects of.

    I have to let it go.

    my life will still be happy and creative with or without the decoupaged family collage or peasant blouse with matching tote, or the fancy table setting and rosemary roasted eggplant.

    So I admire the good ideas, and keep them that way.

    THen make cookies.

  8. Priorities are always best. But I like to make collages of the ideas I choose not to do and store them in a book. It makes me feel so much better knowing that this fabulous idea will not be lost in my overloaded brain. I guess it's my way of owning the idea and keeping hope that it will one day be brought to fruition. I do hope you feel better. Feeling helpless when you have so much to do is the worst. Take care.

  9. Oh dear. It ALWAYS happens. Yes--the lists. And maybe a few sketches of the most important things, like a storyboard to follow. And all the extra inspiration will stick around for the upcoming holidays or for next Halloween. And then, maybe a movie--either one with delicious costumes, or a great Halloweeny scene (like Meet Me In St Louis). Or a Charlie Brown Holiday special. Lists, Media, and more Tea for the spirit! Take care!

  10. I am so glad you liked the book! I looved it!!
    Okay if I really have a great idea there is always next year.
    This year I haven't gotten into the swing of anything and yes the box of decorations is out but nothing is put up. Sadly I feel its a waste because I live in the land of no bodies and no neighbors and who see it? So who cares. Sadly I need to have more dreams because right now my kids are with no real festive anticipation. I think I bunt out and need new juices. So far new ideas are a bit ignored because I don't know where to store the item once made and I haven't a clue how to display it in my none display friendly house! Do I sound disgruntled? Well I'm not just sorta apathetic or maybe just pathetic LOL. love you Mer feel better

  11. I have a ton of ideas and have brought few to reality. lol...and the few that have been started have been just that, started. I have a finishing problem.

    And I took stay up half the night thinking of cool things that I want to do...grrr.

  12. Just know that you are so incredibly gifted and talented, that is why you have so many ideas!!! Duh! The bummer is that you are sick and you need to feel better -so rest, cut yourself some slack and know that you will produce something that is awesome in no time -because you always do! xo