[party prep and a...]

Sorry the posting has been so infrequent as of late. I've been traveling and in the middle of Fourth of July party prep...And if I take one thing away from all of this it will be to never buy in bulk from M&M World in Vegas. Yes you may be assigned to bring red, white and blue candy for all the littles during the outdoor movie party and yes may think you are saving by avoiding paying shipping by not purchasing color coordinated candy online...but trust me...after the euphoria of seeing so many wonderful colors of m&m's dies off and you dreamily load up three bags of candy coated goodness...your jaw will drop and your hand will shake when you hesitantly hand over a sum that could easily pay for five bulk boxes of diapers...or half of a new iphone...no...just don't think about it. And don't think about how the supply will be gone is less than ten minutes...no don't think about that either. And don't think about charging the littles for each weighed and portioned serving...no that just isn't in the spirit of things...
No don't think of any of these things. Just think of how pretty it will look and how delighted it will make the kiddos. Just think of the happy red white and blue fingers and the stories you can tell.

Well, I'm traveling again tomorrow and then will officially be on vacay for a few days thereafter. Have a very Happy Fourth everyone!!

...hmm...I wonder how much each serving would have to cost to...


  1. Love this post! I can't tell you how many times I have dilemma-ed over food bought in bulk. But, I agree, ignore the price and enjoy the memories.

  2. Wow! I will pay you for a portion! Those look so yummy. M&M world? Does that really exist? If so, I am packing up and leaving town tomorrow!

  3. Also don't think about Michael's and how they have m&ms in every color of the rainbow for a decent price. Especially if you use your 40% off coupon. No, no, don't think about that either.
    Wonderful photos of your purchase though.

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  5. You are just adorable! I love your post ideas x