[take a snooze in..]

Jon (husband) found this and made me promise to post it. I love it, and him...so I said yes.

Happy, snoozing, eating, camping or whatever else you have planned for the weekend...just don't get eaten by any bears...unless it's this one.


  1. This is too wild! It's so crazy, how much fun would it be to take camping? I wonder if it's warm at all..... -e

  2. That's kind of scary. It reminds me of a scene in Star Wars when Han Solo puts Luke in the carcass of ton ton to keep warm. I know that because of my husband, whom I also love :-) Bless them.

  3. I would have looooved that as a kid. Ryan says he needs to get one for his Scout campouts. I can only image the pranks that would be pulled.