[i've got my copy]

have you got yours?Yes, I went to Barnes and Noble last night at midnight, caught the tail end of a Vampire prom and purchased my reserved copy of Breaking Dawn. I'll be occupied for a while...so if posts are infrequent, you'll know why :). Happy biting.


  1. I ordered mine, but amazon tells me that it won't get here until the 5th or 6th...of course we're leaving on the 4th for 2 weeks. Well, Hugh is going to have to bring it when he comes to join me on the 7th (it better be here by then!)

  2. I ordered mine too! It of course is also not going to arrive until the 5th and I will be out of town....
    no spoilers until i can read it all my own self!
    i love Jacob

  3. I love these books!!!
    I can't stop reading when i start!!;)