pregnancy cravings

I don't know as I'd call these "cravings" so much as "tolerances". The above items are just about the only thing I can stomach right now. I also have a weird condition (that I blame on my extremely visual mind) where I can't tolerate certain things that I see. For example, for some crazy reason, the following make me queasy to even think about, let alone look at.

1. Elmo (poor Atticus. We have a ban in our home until further notice)
2. Some of my favorite design blogs. I know, weird and terribly sad.
3. Design mags (are you starting to get a feeling for why my blog has been a bit neglected as of late.)
4. sometimes blogging in general
5. All food commercials and billboards
6. The smell of Knoxville (go figure)
7. Most of my clothing
8. My house
9. My office

....OK, I need a vacation on the beach where all I can smell is saltwater and all day long I eat crackers and peanut butter...ahh...

Don't worry folks. I'm in my third month so this should all be over soon and my blog should be much more inspiring. Hang in there with me.


  1. Oh poor merrilee! I love you, hope your morning sickness ends early!

  2. I've found that I have similar problems when I'm pregnant.

  3. Hopefully Jon isn't one of those disgusting things! LOL my poor honey gets no kisses when I am pregnat because it makes me nauseous.

  4. oh, mer, i feel your pain! (though not at the moment :)! just the other day i looked at a picture of when i was morning sick and all of it came back to me. . . unfortunately those things last for a long time. there are still places i hate to go (most of them are certain grocery stores!) because there are too many bad memories of morning sickness! i wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy. pray it goes quickly. . .

  5. congratulations! I wish you an uneventful pregnancy...of course by now, you're almost halfway there, lol.