really itching to paint an outdoor tree...

like this one. I'd want it to be either bright pink, white or blue, similar to the one above. Would a live tree die if I did this? Would I go down in history as a tree killer?


  1. I have seen some fun things done with branches. I think a live tree would not survive the paint however. It is fun to do an Easter tree with a branch or small tree. Have fun. Mary

  2. If you want to paint a live tree, use water soluble paint. Anything with an oil base will probably kill the tree as it needs the sun and moisture to survive. Also, I
    would not use heavy acrylics as they would also smother the tree.
    People used to whitewash the bottom of trees up to about 3-4 ft
    to keep bugs off them (termites I
    think ?) Maybe do one for a special occasion and then wash it off ! Carol