Sewful Sundays: scrappy quilt

As I mentioned on my 30 things... list, I want to try and get some sewing in on Sundays. Every few months I'm tied up Sunday mornings working on lesson plans for Primary but when I'm not teaching I want to try and sew. Atticus is almost 2 years old and just moved to a toddler bed two days ago (when did I get such a big boy?!). As a result he is in desperate need of some new bedding. I thought I'd try my hand at quilting...but want to start simple. I love this scrappy quilt (pattern found in the book Trimmings) and how the striped patches are just a tad uneven. I realize they have a baby in this pic but I'm going to try and make it large enough for Atticus. Wish me luck!


  1. i made a quilt for milla's toddler bed when she turned 2. she has yet to move into that toddler bed. . . yes she is over 3! all a matter of space constraints. but hey, she doesn't know the difference! and avi is still in a pack-n-play!

  2. I'm in the middle of making Liams bedspread right now. It'll be on the blog when I;m done. All I have to say is that things take 3 times as long with kids. I try to just do a little bit here and there instead of a long stretch of work. Everyone is much more agreeable that way. Good luck. I;m getting ready to do Anna's crib stuff as well. Have any suggestions for some cool fabric online?

  3. That sounds fun to me.I wish I could share my quilting books and frames with you. It isn't hard to make a quilt bigger. Julie is right though it is hard to keep up momentum with kids.