New Old Fashioned Way

A big thanks to Knoxville News Sentinel and reporter Ed Marcum for such a lovely article on our home and my art. It's weird to actually see my face in the media as I'm used to my art doing the talking for me. Jon got some great press for his acting as well. So much fun. Well, got to get back to work on my art and my home. See you at the tour!


  1. Hey Merilee - You have a blog! So do I: www.katieallisongranju.com

    Looking fwd to seeing the house on the tour this weekend :-)

    -Katie (your next door neighbor)

  2. How COOL is THAT! Seeing you in the newspaper is SO neat! Wow! I want to come see your house!!

  3. it's official, you're famous! How cute you guys look!

  4. What great publicity for all of you!!!
    Your Home, you and your talents and for Jon as well!
    You will have to definitely keep that one for the scrapbook!!!

  5. Hi! I was on the house tour Friday night and you gave my boyfriend's mum and I your biz cards.

    This sounds lame but I forgot to tell you how much I liked the wrapping paper you used for your gifts. Were you able to get that locally? Would you mind sharing where you got that from?

    p.s. You had a fabulously decorated home! It was my favorite on the tour.

  6. Hi Jigsha! Thanks so much for coming to the tour. I'm so glad you enjoyed my home. I purchsed the various wrapping papers all over the place. The peacock blue flocked paper was from Target (last year's christmas), The blue and brown damask print I believe was from Walmart in their gift section (not Christmas). I also purchased some of the papers from the Martha craft line at Michaels and some from A.C. Moore Arts and Crafts. Hopefully this helps a bit. Thanks again for coming and writing in!

  7. Thanks for responding to my question on the giftwrap. I especially loved the blue/brown damask. I never thought to look at Walmart. I'll have to give them a try to stock up for next season!

    Merry Christmas!