My Christmas Blueprint

OK, so I think the recent holiday issue of Blueprint will join my list of magazines stripped to the spine. As I've mentioned before we are showing our home on a Christmas tour so seasonal decor is of up most importance this year. I had already decided I wanted to go with a black and white vintage-glam look throughout with silhouettes and cameos. I've been looking for black and white wrapping paper with not much luck. That is why I was super excited to see this down-loadable wrapping paper from Blueprint (now just to fine a large scale printer!). I had also purchased a pink tree to go with the glam look and lo and behold, Blueprint has one on the cover! I'm also a sugar cookie fiend and liked the ideas they have in this issue. Can't wait for Christmas!


  1. You always knew your were a trend finder and setter!
    Now you know you are!
    What fun, to have your house in the holiday home fest. Do you show it a lot or just one or two weekends?
    Have fun!!!

  2. Oh Mer,
    You could use LJ's silhuettes for cameos if she lets you!
    Or check for Wall paper that is Black and white. I'd make permenant coverd boxes if you were to use wall paper because it is pricey!

  3. Cool ideas D-lyn. I actually have family silhouettes that I also did and have black and white wall paper...but that is going on one of my walls. If I have any left over, that is a great idea! thanks.

  4. oh and the home tour is only two days (one weekend).

  5. I saw these at Target for Christmas http://www.target.com/Benjoix-Appetizer-Plates-Set-8/dp/B000R911TS/sr=1-10/qid=1192980573/ref=sr_1_10/601-5390361-1944925?ie=UTF8&index=target&rh=k%3Aholiday%20plates&page=1
    and thought of you. I can't wait to see your house for Christmas! Love that pink tree--Aaron would never go for that!

  6. and i can't wait to see your house!

  7. I love love love Blueprint too! That Martha Stewart has outdone herself. he he.
    You have have have to send pics of your house for the home show. Thanks for giving me props on your blog and officially welcoming me to cyber snooping.