[thus begins our...]

I'm not in school. My husband isn't in school (hooray! :)) and I don't have any children in school yet...but there is something in the air for all of us when school gets out. It seems to truly mark the beginning of summer, and this past Friday, June 19, was just that day for us here in South Pas. For me, nothing says summer more then leisure sewing and craft projects (surprise, surprise) and the beach. Two things I have been enjoying a bit more of these days.

I have been in the process of making my little guys vintage inspired looks, from the above fabrics, for our extended family's Forth of July "Summer Magic" picnic/tea party celebration (now a much anticipated tradition). I've have little A's knickers finished (a little large again...but I've got suspenders in mind to remedy this) and am currently working on baby O's ensemble. I seriously need time to stand still as I also want to make something for Jon and myself ...we'll see how things go. We may feel like "school's out for the summer"...but life, work, parenting...moves on as usual. I'll be sure to post everything when it's finished.
My brother (who is available and a real cutie if anyone is interested :)) is also in town right now helping us break free a bit from our daily routine, getting us out enjoying the lovely things that California has to offer. This was an especially great day at the beach. A dad, his son and a kite. Does it get better than that?

I'm so happy summer is in the air. What are some things that you are enjoying or look forward to doing this sunny season?


  1. all that buildup and no picture of your brother?? *tisk tisk!

  2. merilee.. I most def. want to see pictures of your ensemble!!! you always make such neat things! Also... does your brother know you are offering him up on you blog ;o) Its not spencer is it??? He get home soon yes?

  3. france!!! our week in the loire valley was so dreamy last year, we decided to spend half the summer there this year and i can't wait. please keep this in mind for next year, mer, as i know you love france, and as i think we may just be making this our summer's tradition.
    can't wait to see your finished projects, and i love this kite picture.

  4. oooh. i can't wait to see your finished work. the summer magic get together sounds incredible. and i LOVE the kite picture.

  5. Wow! The kite picture just spells bliss!

  6. Okay, your brother is a cutie and I have a single sister up in Santa Cruz, she is working on her phd. How old is he?? I must admit that she is a bit tweaked in places because she is in her early 30's and still single. A tough mantle upon her shoulders in LDS culture. Anyway, can't wait to see what you stitch up for your family!

  7. Mer,
    does our age 33 bro know you talked him up?
    LOL not like he will do much about it!