[I'm off on my...]

I shalln't be going anywhere fabulous this year. No trips to Florence or Athens or Nice...sigh...but I'm not going to let that stop me from planning the trip of my dreams. In fact, I think I'll go this weekend. First and most importantly it's got to be full of delicious, imaginary details that I simply must jot down in this exquisite Travel Journal. And being early summer the weather will be sunny with a slight breeze, making this layered ensemble perfect for the hot and cold spots I'm sure to hit throughout my day. I'll travel light making sure everything will fit into this weekender bag that I will make the night before taking flight.
After a wonderfully exhausting day of exploring and devouring I'll curl up for the night in some little hamlet off the beaten path or perhaps, since the weather will be just right, I'll spend the night under the stars right on the beach.
Of course I will write elegant letters home and fill the envelope full of tiny paper treasures for my little boys to play with. I will tell them the tales of the land and speak of how I can't wait to come home and tuck them in at night.

It will be just what I need to start the week fresh and inspired. I can't wait.

Wishing you all a delightfully make-believe weekend.


  1. this imaginary trip is just what I need! I love the weekend bag...and the the paper treasures are darling!!!

  2. So very sweet and fun and whimsical. I do love a good imaginary travel post! That link to Kindra is pretty fabulous, as well ... I'll have to scope out her blog.

    Have a lovely weekend. Really glad to have found this special place on the internet.

  3. Oh, I'm adoring the imaginary weekend getaway! I'm packing my "bag" as I type! :)

  4. Such a cute and inspiring post! I'm gonna take an imaginery trip soon too. Can't wait!

  5. thanks for the divine little journey. i fully enjoyed it! what a great travel journal and paper treasures.