[dress him up & take him out]

I can think of no better time to do a mini-makeover for the dads in your life than this weekend for Father's Day. (Do you dream up makeovers in your sleep like me? Or am I the only crazy one around here? Dare I even ask ;)?).

I must say that you can most likely replicate these above looks by diligently scouring your local thrift stores. Hmmm...what do I have planned for tomorrow again? Might have to squeeze some Father's Day bargain hunting in for good measure.
And how cool is this? Jot down his favorite poem on a scarf - a treasure he's sure to love.
Now pull it all together with a business artsy bag. I've had my eye on this one for some time now.

Whether it's dim sum or go carts you have planned for the weekend, The dad's in you life are sure to make an impression dressed to the nines in these thoughtful duds.

Happy Father's Day weekend!