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I love that you can find printable versions of all the vintage Betsy McCall paper dolls on the Blue Door website. If I had a little girl I would print one out each day and play with her.
I went ahead printed out these goldie and three bear puppets for little A the other week and sadly he wasn't too into them. Perhaps he's too young. I had fun though. Go print some out and have some fun for me!


  1. oooh! cute! i have a little girl. i think she may be too young for paper dolls but i am going to print some anyway. thanks for the link!

  2. Oh how I loved paper dolls as a little chick. Thank you for sharing this site. I foresee alot of printing today. I just hope my 2 girls love them like I do.

    Do you remember the "topsy turvy dolls"? Now those were awesome.

  3. i am so excited to print these out and share them with my little daughters! they'll be thrilled!
    thanks for sharing!

  4. Just wanted to let you know that your post and link inspired me to get out my old collection of paper dolls, and my little girl played blissfully with them ALL day. She made a paper doll community in the living room with little houses out of movies and shoes, and had a fabulous time. Thanks!


  5. Ohhhhhh. I got my love of magazines from my mom and I remember cutting out betsy from her mccalls mag. Paper dolls are just one of my very favorite things. Sadly my girl never got into them. I may have to go out there and just print some for myself. Thanks so so much for sharing

  6. W O W.. these are sooooo super cute... Thanks for sharing!