Meet Sweet Baby M

Sweet Baby M turned three weeks today and we are all head-over-heels smitten with her. I was hoping to have her birth story up on the blog last week but with four-year-old birthday parties, sleepless nights and grade school coughs and sniffles, things have been a bit "congested" around here. I do however have plans to share it this week if all goes well. I also have a slew of costume round-ups from years pasts to share as well as more Halloween fun!

Hope you have all been enjoying one of the most magical yet fleeting times of year. We've managed to have a few romps through the fall leaves (bringing baby M along for the fun...what a trooper) and have plans for pumpkin patches and cider sipping nights. Can't wait.

happy monday!

(baby M pictured above in our DIY hand stamped swaddle blanket. It's been soo great!)


  1. What a gorgeous picture of her. So lovely to see her glowing among thos golden leaves. Thanks for the peek. She looks so great in your stamped blanket.

  2. she looks so sweet! I can't believe it, you have a girl!

  3. What a cutie! She looks a lot like Little O. :)

  4. What a sweetiepie!! Love the swaddle!

  5. congratulations, merrilee! what a little sweetheart she is. she is so lucky to have you as a mom! happy thoughts to you + your family!

  6. she is the sweetest!!! congrats jon and merrilee!!

  7. Absolutely adorable! Makes me all broody x