Halloween 2012: The Happy Bat and The Moody Drac


Happy Halloween! These little creatures of the night just wanted to pop in and share with you their Halloween costumes before embarking upon a fun filled night of tricks and treats!


We have ourselves a fun and spunky little playful bat alongside a more somber and moody Dracula (and little girly bat whose costume we will be sharing with you tomorrow!).


Having lost his front two teeth, and consequently sporting his own set of natural fangs, A went traditional this year and chose to be Dracula. And then the theme just went from there. I just love how each of their personalities come out in these costumes. And can we just say this little Dracula is 6 going on 16? How is it possible he's growing so fast?


And wasn't this little bat just my baby?


Well with a new 1 month old baby in the house, we had to go simple this year. All I made was the vampire cloak, the bat hood and cape. Everything else was just a compilation of clothing we had already (except these most excellent vampire boots. I saw them and just had to get them).


And now to finish up baby M's little batty costume (she was going to be a cat but it ended up looking more like a bat, so we went with it) and get those little ones out and about the neighborhood.


Wishing you all a super fun, and slightly spooky, Halloween!!


  1. The Moody Drac is cracking me up! Happy Halloween :)

  2. Too cute! Looks like a fun Halloween. They got to jump on the bed too??

    Happy Halloween!


  3. You continue to amaze me- soooo cool!

  4. Love these costumes! I assume the moody vampire is Spike from Buffy the Vampire Slayer? The boots and hair seem so... similar?

  5. BTW, isn't this Halloween 2012 not 2013? Love their outfits. The bat ears cap is awesome. Your 6 year old Dracula is too cute. Would love to see photos of his front 2 teeth missing. Great job, Merilee.

  6. Oh those bat ears are the best!