River Raft DIY

MerMagHandmadeCharlotteRiverRaft1It's been so hot lately and we needed a kids craft that allowed us to get wet, wet wet! This river raft, made from duct tape, card board and water bottles, was just the thing. Head on over to Handmade Charlotte to get the full DIY.
MerMagHandmadeCharlotteRiverRaft2And for more duct tape fun, take a look at some of my previous projects. Any of them would make a great weekend craft for you and your Littles!
MerMagDuctTapRoundUp 1. Tea Box Circus train with duct tape
2. Animal Box Mask with duct tape
3. Interlocking Cardboard Castle with duct tape

And for a refresher on the best way to cut duct tape for craft projects, see my post here.

Happy Weekend! We are headed for the hills, anticipating a relaxing time overnight at a family cabin. Can't wait!

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