A bit our about our trip...

MerMagRoadTripToTheRockies12Hi Friends! So I just experienced a blogger's worst nightmare occur (OK, I'll scale back on the drama as it's not all that bad). I had just composed a long and lengthy post about our road trip to Colorado (which took all morning!) complete with great tips on how to travel with kids, etc. And guess what? Yup, it's gone. It's been deleted without a trace. I was trying edit some text and then everything went hay wire, and then it was gone. I tried everything I could think of to retrieve it but I'm pretty sure it's lost for good. I've never done text a head of time for a blog post in a Word document but I just might start doing this now!
Well anyway we have been happily home from our reunion travels and are trying to play catch with all that we have to do here at home and with work. I'll be posting again soon about all of our fun 4th of July festivities. And like always my family went ALL out, so you won't want to miss it!

(In the mean time, you can see a few more pics from our travels on Instagram. You can follow me at mer_mag if you wish.)


  1. I think it posted - at least I hope this is it. It was in my reader feed http://mermag.blogspot.com/2012/07/roadtrip-to-rockies-tips-for-traveling.html

  2. Hi Meg -
    Your road trip post with tips did come through on my google reader, however I'm not seeing the post on your actual website. Not sure if you ended up rewriting it or not, but wanted to let you know that something did indeed come through! :)

  3. Just to let you know ... the other post you lost showed up in my google reader (I think anyhow). You might check there and see if you can find it. Good luck ... I hate it when that sort of thing happens!

  4. Your previous post came up in my Google Reader! I copied and pasted the text in a Word doc and emailed it to you just now. :)

  5. BTW don't use word to write your posts!! Been there, done that. If you copy and paste the text from word it changes many of your blogger format settings and it's awful to restore them back. Use some kind of note pad, and paste just the text, not format, them make links using blogger. ;^)

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