Kiwi Crate

MerMagKiwiCrate1Hi friends! Have you ever heard of Kiwi Crate? If you not you are in for a real kids crafting treat. Kiwi Crate contacted me and asked if they could send over a box of fun craft kit items for the boys. Well, being obsessed with this sort of thing, we of course said yes!

One of my favorite things that Kiwi Crate does is address the package out to the kids themselves. They boys absolutely loved this part and insisted that they open it all by themselves.
MerMagKiwiCrate2And what treasures they found inside once they did open it! Our box came complete with two fun bug crafts. Absolutely everything they needed to complete the craft was in the box. Real winner there.
MerMagKiwiCrate3Of the two crafts, the boys picked the fun lightening bugs craft first. They were outfiitted with two plastic bottles, multiple colorful transparent stickers, glow sticks and more! Instructions were simple and the boys loved creating their little bugs.
MerMagKiwiCrate4I think this concept behind Kiwi Crate is genius. I of course love recycling found objects around the house in my crafts but there is a time when something like this really would come in handy. Summer fun and after school crafts sent to your door step once a month that you don't have time to think about or implement on your own = awesome. Great activities to do with the grand kids, put together at parties, and more! Oh and they are filled with educational goodies that help your kids learn while creating and playing.
We love it! I already have my eye on a number of other crate options for the future. Thank you Kiwi Crate! We are big fans!


  1. wow! very cool, i will have to try them out for sure.


  2. Very cool job!! I love this baby and its creation!

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