"I'm Stuck on You" Valentine buttons

I had recently purchased a 1 1/4" button maker to make little buttons to sell in the shop and had been having some fun with it when I thought, "hey, we could make monogram buttons for all the kids in Little A's Kindergarten class this year for Valentines!". And well...that is just what we did.
The button maker I purchased was a little too complicated for Little A so I had to do the button making part for him. (But if you want to do this yourself, and want to get your kids more involved, there are several button makers geared for kids that are much more affordable and would work great for this craft. Here are just a few I've found online: 1. 2. & 3.).

I did have him help with punching the holes in the cards and adhering the buttons once they were finished. He loved doing this...in fact when he was struggling he wouldn't let me help him. He just kept on working at it until he got that hole punched into that card. I love his determination.
He then of course addressed all the cards out to his class mates. He was quite particular about it actually. I had a few monogram circles cut out, ready to be made into buttons, that had letters that didn't correspond to any of his classmates names and he was quick to let me know that they were of no use. I loved his little "mom, get it together" sigh whenever this happened.

For the girls we went with the traditional heart motif on the buttons and a mint and red color scheme.
And for the boys we opted for a bit more universal route and went with a star motif (which Little A is completely into). And for the color scheme: indigo and red. And the cards still have a heart to keep with the Valentines theme.
We opted for an out-of-the-ordinary color scheme this Valentines. Last year we had so much fun delving into the traditional vibrant hues of season that we thought it would be fun to mix it up a bit this year. Little A loved the new look, and so do I.
And I do so hope that the recipients in Little A's class enjoy the the buttons as well.
Don't you think they would be so cute sported on backpacks and book bags?
I mean, wouldn't that be so perfect? I would have loved to get a little "M" button to wear around when I was in grade school (OK maybe I just want one now).

(Oh and I had Little O step in as a model as Little A was away at school...so if you are thinking...he doesn't look like a 5/6 yr old, you'd be right. He's 3...but was totally into the buttons. I want to have a little preschool Valentines card exchange party for him...don't you think that would be fun?).

(adorable robot bag from The Happy Birthday Shop)
We'd love to share this craft with you and have created a few PDFs for you to download should you chose to delve into button making for yourself (but I must warn you, you'll get addicted. Anything and everything will soon need to become a button...don't say I didn't warn you).

You can download the various PDF files individually here:

Red Valentine Heart Cards
Mint Valentine Heart Cards
Indigo Valentine Heart Cards
Red and Mint Heart Alphabet Button Templates
Red and Indigo Star Alphabet Button Templates

*and if you are interested in doing this project but don't want to purchase a button maker, then I would suggest downloading the alphabet hearts and stars and then printing them onto sticker paper. You could then punch them out and adhere them preexisting buttons (lots of places give them away for free) or just hand them out as stickers. You could still go with the "I'm Stuck On You" verbiage and everything.


  1. oh man! my lucas has a jacket and back pack full of little buttons he's collected. this is the perfect project! off to check ebay for a badge maker.
    thanks for sharing these with us.
    love, lindsay

  2. i really appreciate the free downloads but that website you are using for us to down load is extremely confusing! there are so many misleading adds that say "download" and my husband was watching me because i was so confused trying to figure out how to download the files. one of them actually tried to download an executable file (.exe) which my husband (who is a computer nerd) was 99.9 % sure was some sort of vicious file. SO i thought i would let you know that site you are using doesnt seem to be on the up and up!

  3. Thanks vertigoxcured. I'll look into and try to get it fixed straight away.


  4. I love this idea and I thoroughly enjoy your blog. Hope to get crafty with you in the not too distant future.

  5. So creative and totally cuuuute!!! Not just the buttons themselves, but the whole packaging idea!

  6. I have a 1" and a 2.25" button maker and I always dream about having kids and making cute customized projects (much like this one) for their friends. Great work! I'll have to think about this 6 or 7 years from now...

  7. I just found your blog and just wanted to say how inspiring it is! I'm pregnant with my 2nd boy and love seeing the different things you make for your boys. Love your style and thank you for sharing!

  8. Thanks Wendy! Boys as so much fun (especially when there are two!). I love your blog and your shop as well. Great to touch base.

  9. The cutest idea ever!!! Now I want a button maker !

  10. So so cute! I love the idea :)
    Mer-- see I can post comments on your blog now! I've figured out why the blogger service was not available to me. Yay.

  11. I have a handheld button maker just like yours (only I think yours makes smaller buttons). I want one of the automatic ones but they are pricey.

    Anyway, very very cute project!

  12. Hillary, I know! I want one of the automatic ones as well. I'm not a super big fan of the hand held ones. but yeah, those automatic ones are pricey! Some day.


  13. Hey Merrilee - I just loved this project, I had to share. I added it to my slideshow, which you can check out here: http://www.good.is/post/make-it-by-monday-a-diy-valentine-s-day/

  14. Hi Merrilee,

    This is a fabulous project! Just wanted to let you know that all the files produce an error message when downloading. I'd love to be able to make this with my daughter. Thanks for all the great ideas.

    All the best,


  15. Love!! I realize I'm a year late- but is there any way to still get the downloads? The link no longer works. Thanks so much~ Sarah

  16. So adorable. I just placed an order for the button maker. I would love to download the file. Any chance you can re-load?

  17. Hi Merrilee,

    I am a 4th grade teacher who is always on the look out for great ideas that are not candy based to give to my kiddos. I would love to use this idea this year, but the download links are no longer working. Can you help?


  18. THANK YOU for re-loading the PDF's. My button maker arrived today, so my daughter and I will get started making Valentine's for her preschool class.