Make your Valentine turn red in the face...

I love my mother. She is an infinite well of creative, clever and slightly outrageous ideas. And Valentines Day is her time to shine. You wouldn't believe the things she would do for my dad - we're talking pouring bright red tempera paint on freshly fallen Colorado snow to spell out "I LOVE YOU!" for my dad to see when he drove up after getting home from work on Valentines Day. And then there was the daily proclamation of how much she loved my dad - which was done at the top of her lungs (I'm pretty sure the neighbors could here it). And the smooching my parents would do after my dad came home from work...well I won't even get into that. Yeah, she is a passionate mom and I love her for it. So this year, I decided to take a page out of her book and create a Valentine's Day card for Jon based on one she did for my dad a number of years ago.
Basically the front of the card reads: "This Valentine's Day card is sure to turn your face RED." With plenty of fun innuendos implied, your Valentine might shyly open the card...only to find...
...that you have placed a photo of them inside...and with bright red lipstick kisses...
..you have covered their face...making it indeed turn RED!
I thought it was the cutest idea and had to do it for Jon this year.

And if you want to make one too, I have created the card for you which you can download by clicking the text below.

Hope you and your cupid enjoy!! XO


  1. You are so pretty:) I love this idea and would love to do it for my hubby but the download seems so complicated. I even created an account with Keep and Share but can't find the file:(

  2. merilee, i just love your blog. you have most beautiful, creative ideas!! and this card is adorable.

    xoxo emma {jon's cousin isaac's wife...did that make sense?!} :)

  3. Mon is so awesome!!!! I love your version too! :)

  4. very cute!! I think I might do this hehe

  5. I love this idea! It's cute and sweet but I can't access the template :/

  6. Hi Elle and Teremoon, I just updated the link so you should be able to access it, without going through any loops. thanks for the heads up!

  7. I just came across your blog on Pinterest. I love this idea! Thanks for sharing it, and the freebie!!

  8. Love it!, great idea, love your blog too, have nice day!

  9. You're so clever, Merrilee! I've got to do something clever for Chris. ASAP.

  10. I LOOOVE THIS!!! ahahaha lol I think I may have to do something like that Merrilee! Thanks for the idea! :-[) lol p.s. I got your email...nooo worries! I have been meaning to respond but keep forgetting...anyways, I still want to do the custom drawing but for Mothers Day..I will email you shortly. :) xo

  11. Hi dear friend - - dying over this card. And dying over your darling photo - red nails - awesome necklace. You are gorgeous!

  12. This is just fabulous. I was so worried what the inside would contain....but bravo! ;) Gotta remember this one for next year :)

  13. I was with your Mom today and she told me the story of when she did this for your Dad. I LOVE this!

    1. So fun! I love it too. She's crazy fun. xo