Let's meet up, what do you say?

Hello friends! Will any of you be in the Provo, UT area this next Wednesday, Feb. 22 from 6:30-8pm? Well I will and would love to meet up. The lovely Jane (a.k.a, winner of the best hair at ALT - she's the one in the middle) and Soel Botique are teaming together to host a blogger meet and greet. Aside from the mega blogger meet up, ALT, I haven't ever done anything like this. I'm typically a bit of a hermit and don't get out and about as much as I should. But I'm excited to attend and hopefully meet many of you! And if that isn't enough, I'll be giving away two items from my shop, so come on over and get yourself some freebies! Oh, and there will be food. Win, win, right?

And of course a slew of talented bloggers will also be there, so you just have to come down. Here's the line up:

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becky kimball * soel * see jane blog * milkglass and honey *
elsa bags * armelle * freshly picked * cotton & curls
modern palm * annily green * fifth and hazel * sycamore street press
zupas * {collected} * gatehouse no.1 * heirloom restaurant group
mer mag * the Alison show * the house of Smith's * Studio 5

See you on Wednesday!



  1. Would love to come and see you Merrillee but I have to work. boo hoo. Have a great time. What a fun idea. Especially for us lowly bloggers that don't get invited to the fancy conferences where everyone wears thick black glass frames. lol

  2. i love your post with the picture of soel! and, all of a sudden i'm feeling pressure to make sure my hair is done on wednesday. {thank you, very sweet compliment!} eeegads...

  3. This looks like so much fun! I hope you'll post pictures for this of us out of state!

    LOVE your cute blog--just found you via Creature Comforts. Your Valentine's posts are all so perfect!

  4. I'm looking forward to the meet up! We'll see you there!

  5. i am just finding out about this & am so excited. it was so great meeting so many great utah bloggers at alt (including you!) & am excited to see you all again! xx