[Scenes of Sunday...]


We had another dreamy Sunday afternoon and can I just say that this is my all time favorite day of the week? I love regrouping, spending time with loved ones and just plain keeping things looooow key. If I had to choose a time and a day when things are happiest and pretty darn near perfect in our house, it would have to be on a Sunday afternoon.

On this particular nearly-perfect-afternoon Jon decided to introduce a make shift marble ramp for the boys (and lets be honest, himself) to enjoy. He used the boys IKEA drawing paper roll for the marbles to slide down and thew a couple of broom sticks and shoes on opposite end to create a "goal" of sorts for the marbles to slide into. Needless to say, all boys were in love with it.

We also had some train table playing going on which kept Little O and I occupied for hours.
I have to confess, it's incredibly satisfying setting up a train track in various configurations. I seriously think I should be a city planner. I mean the possibilities are endless.


We're big fans of the Brio Network train set (which is unfortunately hard to find in the US). The virus characters are super fun and they even have little "emails" that they transport around the track which can then be placed into little slots that make silly jumbled electronic noises when a virus triggers it. The boys go nuts for it.

So yeah, like I said. A pretty great summer Sunday afternoon. sigh...But I think we're relaxed and ready a new week now...maybe...just maybe...


  1. Sunday afternoons are my favorite time in South Beach. Everyone is in the best mood... Lummus Park, the beach AND Sunday afternoon... have a great week :)

  2. You have such a cute and restful home (and family)! I know it's irrelevant...but where did you get those curtains? I am in love with the black and white stripes.

  3. I just across your blog and love it! folllowing! i love sundays too..that chill time with the family.. your photos are just perfect.

  4. Thanks Ladies for your kind comments.

    Michelle - I made the curtains from IKEA's black and white striped fabric. I think they are still carrying it? Best of luck.


  5. We too love Sunday's calm. Alex enjoyed looking at all the pictures of the boys playing.

  6. Sundays are my favorite, too. And I *love* setting up train tracks with my 3 yr old. It is seriously rewarding.