[fireworks and a...]


Whew! We have finally returned home from our annual summer reunions to see family and friends and as usual, had a most excellent time. The kids were over the moon with seeing grandparents and cousins and we couldn't have been happier either. We pretty much didn't see Little A at all in the past 3 weeks as he was playing non-stop with his cousins (and one time even asked us to leave so that he could play with the other kids without us around) so I'd say he was pretty happy. Yeah, it pretty much was a smashing summer success.

This year for the 4th my family hosted a pirate party themed reunion. We started things out by attending the Real Pirates exhibit at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science where we were able to see the one and only pirate treasure ever discovered and actually got to touch real live actual pirate treasure coins. Yeah, it was pretty cool and a great way to get us all on the mood for some pirate partying.
As usual my mother went above and beyond, transforming her home into a pseudo pirate ship of sorts. The small spot below the balcony stairs became "below deck" where a play kitchen was placed for little cooks to "prepare" grub for the crew. The tree in the front yard was de-limbed on one side within the tree to create "dead man's tree" where various pirate toys were placed, complete with handmade styrofoam mountains, for the little buccaneers to play with.
My father and brothers made miniature cannons that really worked! They were so cool, you have no idea. All I can say is that they were made from black PVC pipe, styrofoam balls painted black and fire extinguishers that gave a great smoke illusion when firing. How they were assembled is a mystery to me, I'm sure you could find it on youtube or something. Needless to say, we had some fun with those.
My little sis set up a pirate photo booth and we all dressed up in our pirate best. (This is my brother-in-law Trent in the pic above, who wins "best pirate look" for his overgrown beard and just overall piratey stances and gestures. Don't you just think he looks the part?).
Jon led the littles in a pirate treasure hunt and they loved every minute of it. He pretty much had the accent, swagger and humor down to a science.

After our annual hot dog bar and loads of delicious salads and sides we devoured a most scrumptious pirate ship cake.

Jon finished up the night up with a bang by presenting an exciting display of fireworks that we picked up on our way over.
Then a few of us headed to City Park to see the big overhead fireworks display. Little O fell asleep on my lap while we laid under the stars celebrating the land of the free and the home of the brave.

Another great 4th of July.

*to see more great pics of the party click here on LJ's site.


  1. AWESOME!!!!!! This is an awesome recap of all the fun things we did! Great job. Miss you!

  2. what a wonderful collection of photos and such cute collages of them!!!
    Yay! Remember to send me your pictures for mom's book!

    It was so much fun to play with you and sew and talk and be sisters! Love you tons

  3. I want to come to YOUR family reunions. Now i see where you get your party throwing skills.

  4. Brilliant. And you're right - Trent totally looks the part.

  5. I took my girlies to the Real Pirates exhibit when it was in St. Louis and I have to say that it was A-MAZING!!! That real treasure! Touching the real treasure!!!

    The girls liked it, too.

  6. Your amazing party has been featured on *best of the web pirate parties and cakes*
    Go to the end of the post to grab a button for your page.