[a dilapidated barn and a...]


We had our annual photo shoot whilst on vacay, as is now the tradition, and what better backdrop than my parents out-of-service barn? We've used this fond location before but this time we decided to venture on inside and we were delighted with what we found.

Not only was there a delicious amount of woodsy debris, but right in the midst of everything, was our vintage blue wooden rocking horse made by my father (he made this for my older sister when she was a little girl and we've all had a turn on it at some time or another whilst growing up). Honestly, it was perfectly placed in the middle of everything and all we had to do was put the boys on it and click away. Totally kismet. (Oh, yes, and Little O made sure that Woody came along for the fun...so very like him. If you notice, Muno came along for the pirate pics. He's pretty much never without a famous friend of sorts somewhere near by).
The above pic is the best one we got of Little A. He's apparently, at the very "old" age of 5, over his parents and couldn't wait to get back to all the fun with the cousins. I think it was something short of torture for him to be pulled away from it all, if even only for a moment.
The below pic is my favorite. I like the playful nature of it and Jon is such a cutie, don't you think?
And I had to get a pic of me with my little sister, Lorajean, our resident family photographer. I love her vision she's a natural behind the camera.

Thanks so much little sis' for letting me pull you away from the fun for a bit of photo mania!


  1. Aw this is too adorable. I love the Americana color scheme you have going on (without going overboard!). So adorable!


  2. what a stunning family :) :) :)

  3. Yay! these turned out so great! Sorry little A only got one good shot I should have been on top of that.