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As I didn't have time to make little suits for my little gents, I had to come up with something much more simple. Freehand fabric painted bunnies on t-shirts was just the ticket. Dress them up with some suspenders, a cardigan and new shoes, and an Easter hunt ensemble you have. (They wore their Sunday best from years past for the actual Easter service).

We did our simple food coloring egg dye technique complete with stickers, which gave us the same fun color variation. And yes, we did this on Easter Sunday...right before the hunt...which also seams to becoming a tradition for us.
And it couldn't be Easter without our Lindt Chocolate Carrots. These are the one thing that Little A requested from the Easter Bunny...again....and again.
Needless to say, they were a very big hit.
Sugar high's quickly transformed the little ones.
Another big hit were the chalk eggs the boys received from a previous hunt. They were perfect for coloring and adorning their chalkboard painted pails.
It was a gorgeous afternoon and we spent most of it with my aunts and uncles and cousins from the surrounding area eating delicious food and playing the most entertaining round of Gestures ever (I'll just say this - my older aunt Cheryl received the card "fire hydrant" and acted it out appropriately [think dog vs. fire hydrant]. Hilarity ensued).

Happy boys.

Happy parents.

It was a most marvelous Easter Sunday indeed.


  1. the boys look super cute! love those t's and the suspenders are awesome.

  2. I love it all! such cute little outfits and such adorable boys! I wish i could have played gestures with everyone!! :) miss you tons! hope to see you in July! We worked our schedules out and we'll be a few says late but we will be there!

  3. They look so very cute and it looks like a lovely Easter, too!

  4. i also love those suspenders-- did you make them? can i ask where you got them?
    thanks for your inspiring blog!

  5. best lookin' last minute easter outfits ever!
    am so loving that stripey cardigan. where did you find it and when can i purchase some bunny shirts for my bundle of boys??! =)
    love, lindsay

  6. What a nice change of easter-attire-pace!
    You are quite the crafty wizard. I'm always impressed with the way you make the most of every occasion.

    Your little ones are so sweet by the way.

  7. so perfect. little boys just get cuter and cuter. mine's only 2 but it's been a blast so far. + super hard ;)

  8. Have you considered creating iron-ons of these charming bunny illustrations Merrilee? I'm sure loads of parents would adore dressing their kids up in t-shirts sporting your adorable critters. xo Ez

  9. Your blog is awesome, so beautiful and inspiring. Thanks for sharing all of your cool ideas.

  10. so lovely! shared your Easter buckets on my blog. hope to create something similar with my kids today. but it will be pretty hard to top all that cuteness! thanks for inspiring!