April flowers, bring...

It has been unusually chilly and drip-droppy here in SoCal as of late, especially following a brilliantly warm April full of blooms. To embrace this bit of drizzle I've come up with a little rain drop craft made from security envelopes.
It's an incredibly simple craft that will be easy to do with your little ones. Just use the raindrop template (found at the end of the post - right click and save), trace it atop the envelope, and then cut and apply to either fine art paper, canvas, wood, you name it, using some sort of adhesive or acrylic medium, Mod Podge, etc.
Now sit back and enjoy your little piece of spring rain as you look forward to summer days just around the corner.


  1. How cute is that?! All my security envelopes are grey or black usually but I think that works with raindrops too. Thank you for the little template.

  2. This is really cool!! My security envelopes are not dearly as cool as yours though.

  3. Love this idea....it won't stop raining here either.

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    rain is important for nature and therefore for us:)

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  5. what lovely idea , I love very much this creation

  6. I love your raindrops, your little boys are so lucky to have a mum who can whip up such lovely art out of old envelopes! XXX

  7. Love it! I just started using my security envelope liners for little projects and it adds such a nice dimension to other layered papers!
    Cute raindrops!

  8. hi! I actually read this post last year and took my scissors to all of those security envelopes in my recycling bin! You made me start looking for interesting patterns on everything! Thanks for the tip!!!!