[mix n' match...]


I have had this idea in my head for mix 'n match animals ever since I had a few extra wood tiles left over from Little A's geometric floor puzzle activity. And like all ideas floating around in my head, it would be lucky if it came to fruition. This one, however, just couldn't stay dormant any longer.

I've been especially busy this month (as you might have noticed from the lack of posts) putting together Little A's preschool benefit auction (by far the largest party I've ever been in charge of!). I was afraid Easter would just be swept under the rug in the midst of all my party preparations which made me a little sad. So the night before the big day, I went to work putting together these little Mix 'n Match Easter pals for my little guys to wake up to (using hard wood and craft acrylic paint).
And I was so happy I did. The littles woke up especially excited to see that the "Easter Bunny" had brought them these three little friends (good thing too as there were no eggs, baskets or candy ready for them at that time!). My little 2 year old knew just what to do and went right to work mixing and matching, arranging and rearranging. I was so pleased to hear a myriad of giggles coming from the front room as I scrambled this way and that, trying to get ready for Easter Sunday. They quickly assigned an identity to each friend. Little A is the rabbit, Little O is the cat, and apparently Mom is the fox - which I think I'm OK with :). Dad felt a bit left out so I assured him that another animal persona would be created just for him.
For Easter service I had the boys wear duds from years past as I didn't have time to make them suits. However, I did pull a few things together for the hunt following.

Which I will share with you later...when I get a moment to breathe. So here is just a teaser...

Hope you all had a wonderful Easter Sunday full of peace, joy and family fun!

And now I'm off to finish up my last minute preparations for a Festive Fiesta Fundraiser taking place this Saturday. Wish me luck!!


  1. Glad you guys had such a lovely, if low-key, Easter! I love the Mix and Match pals and hope to create things such as these when I have children one day! Those specially made activities are the things that will mean the most to them in years to come. Best of luck with your benefit auction planning!

  2. those are adorable! i love your art style. i may try my hand at this, thanks for the inspiration!

  3. I love the Mix n Match animals. Good luck with the auction!

  4. Love that you make so many of your gifts...and they actually turn out better than store bought!

  5. I love this! Along with pretty much everything else on your blog. You live such a creative beautiful life (that's how it seems at least to the outside world) and it is truly inspiring! Thanks so much for sharing with us!