[pumpkin cream pies and...]

Jon and I have been stuffing our selves silly on some pretty fantastic pumpkin cream pies (also know as pumpkin whoopie pies) and we've been loving every bite of it. But what's Halloween if not a time to share our sugary loot with others?

So I got to work putting together some origami treat boxes (using my sister's fab tutorial here) so that we could share our baking delights with those we so hauntingly adore. These boxes are deceptively simple to make and quite addictive (...almost as addictive as these cookies!).

For the boxes I used 12"x12" scrap book paper but, as my little sis frequently does, you can use wallpaper- or really just about any paper that has a stiffness to it. Add a bit of wax paper, a couple of cookies and you're set.
Top it all off with a few embellishments and you are ready to share your tricks and treats with all your ghoulish friends!


  1. this is such a good idea! i wish i had time to do this! maybe this weekend! it would be so great for my primary kids! and you are so talented! and creative! thanks for sharing!

  2. Someday, when I am an artistic wife/mother/gift giver I hope to give gifts as delightful as yours.

  3. SO wishing I was your friend- these look delightful!

  4. i could take a big bite out of one of those right about now! and i love how you wrapped the origami boxes with the orange twine and the eat sticker. you are giving me ideas for wrapping christmas presents-thanks so much!

  5. These look so great, we made these boxes for Sofia's Japanese party

  6. I can remember making these boxes at school! They look so adorable with the embellishments! Thanks for sharing.

  7. :) I love that you did the origami boxes! Watch out once you do one you can't stop!! (I'm serious!) Love the finishing touches you added! :)

  8. Oh I want a pumpkin cream pie right now!!! mouth watering...