[Last minute ghost costume: how-to]


If you're like me and are slightly manic about what you want to be for Halloween (Frida Kahlo? Liz Lemon from 30 Rock? Cool spooky ghost?) and have been waiting up to the very the last minute to put something together, well you're in luck. With this simple hooded cloak ghost costume (made from two twin sheets) you'll be haunting the halls in no time!

Step 1. Grab two white twin sheets (I purchased mine from Ikea).
Step 2. Sew them together length wise. Cut out a head hole in the very center of both sheets (or do like I did and just seam rip the center stitches until your head can fit through and you are comfortable with the size of the hole).
Step 3. Fold fabric in fourths so that the head hole is in upper right hand corner.
Step 4. Trim corner opposite of head hole, rounding out the base of the cloak.
Steps 5 & 6. Using remaining, trimmed fabric, cut two semicircles for hood (you can measure from the high forehead to the base of your neck and then add 3 inches of ease of just eye it based on how large you want it to be).
Step 7. Sew semicircles together stoping about two thirds of the way through (this will be the neck area where you will attach the cloak). Hem edges of hood.
Step 8. Sew hood onto cloak at the neck hole - leaving a bit of room at the base of the neck for tie.
Step 9. Sew ribbons on to each side of the neck hole at the base of the hood for tie. Place your costume on, add a bit of ghoulish make up and let the haunting begin!
This concludes our 5 full days of Halloween marathon! I hope you have been frightfully inspired.

Happy haunting this Halloween weekend!!


  1. simple and fun... love it! thanks for the pattern, i don't think i have ever seen a hooded cloak around my area before!

  2. the last photo is spoooky! have a fun halloween with your boys.

  3. this is incredible! I love it!! :) if you paint a bat on your fave you'll look just like your fave look on the side bar.

  4. Wow I love it! It's so simple but at the same time it leaves you with chills...

  5. where do you get the fabric from? I want to have Ghost Suit and Ive been to several halloween stores and craft shops, and no one had any idea what I was looking for..

  6. How tall are you? What size sheets would somebody who is 6'3 need?

  7. David - I used two twin sheets sewn together.

    Danny - you can use a king size or sew two queens together and the trim off whatever you don't need. I'm 5'9" and the two twins sewed together worked great (it did show my feet a bit).

    Hope this helps!