[five full days of Halloween!]

OK, the countdown is on. Whether you're scrambling to finish up your last minute costume preparations, parading through corn mazes, carving out those carefully selected pumpkin patch treasures or gathering with friends and family for hot cider, apple bobbing and spooky movie marathons...Halloween is in the air! And isn't it about time for Mermag to reflect that? Yes, Yes, Yes!! In fact, I have so much to make up for that I'm doing five straight days of Halloween! (a Mermag first)! So everyday for five days, starting today, I will post one fun Halloween craft, idea, activity, goodie, etc. to help you count down the last few goulish days before Tricks and Treats!

To start the countdown off I'm sharing a fun little felt pumpkin activity that has kept my Littles (and myself) entertained for hours. It's easy and pretty fast to make - always a win win combination. Simply cut out one or two (or however many you like) simple pumpkin shapes out of felt (I like having a tall one and a shortie to keep things interesting). Then grab your scissors and continue to snip away at various colors of felt, creating features and accessories for your little pumpkin pals.
I personally like the free style cutting approach as it adds a bit of character so don't be afraid to just cut away and see what you come up with. If you are someone who likes things more uniform you can always draw out your shapes first either on paper (to then be used as a pattern) or right on the felt before cutting.
It's so much fun to see these little pumpkins come to life and the combinations are truly endless. And...I must confess, for as much fun as my Littles are having, I think I'm the one who has become a bit obsessed with it (the more combinations I make, the more ideas I have...so I just keep cutting!). Little A has taken to scolding me randomly so that I'll leave it alone for a bit and let him have a go at it!


  1. Cute idea Merrilee! Question: Where do you get your felt around here?

  2. How simple and sweet! I love it.


  3. Thanks gals!

    Paige-I got the felt for this project at JoAnn's but I'd love to find other great fabric resources around here. I love MOOD for fashion fabrics but I'm sure there has got to be some great quilt/crafty fabric shops around here that I just don't know about.

  4. Oh so fun! Gonna have to do this one with my boys. Thanks for the great idea! xo

  5. Seriously awesome!! add it to my free Halloween link party if you want! :)

  6. Cute idea! I just bought a bunch of felt on sale too :)

  7. Love felt. This is a great alternative to paper dolls, my son loves to create people, creatures.

  8. We made them, just wanted to share our results with you! thanks for the idea :)