[loving the idea of...]

Thank you all for your kind comments about my sweet little boy. We are all doing well and adjusting to being a new family of four. I found these scrap notebooks a while back on Poppy Talk and loved the idea. With a new little one around my need for recording my history has been rekindled and as always I enjoy new and creative ways of going about things. I also like the idea of using what you already have around as opposed to purchasing new things. I think I'll have to make a few a these.


  1. We love the look of these but couldn't find them on the poppytalk blog. Can you give a pointer to the entry? Such as the date? Thanks so much! So glad we found your blog!

  2. chica and jo: I found it on poppytalk by doing a search for scrap but you can also go straight to the source here: http://www.onegoodbumblebee.com/blog/?p=3285#comments

  3. just wondering how it is to welcome the second baby, while running your own business? i am kind of thinking about a second baby, but a bit scared of how i will manage my new company... keep on going with the blog, it is going to be another source of inspiration!