[a Christmas...]

Rats. This year I was actually going to try and use traditional Christmas colors; red, green, white, you know, the tried and true. No pinks and golds, no blues and silvers, no sugar plum fairy land...this was going to be my design challenge and my gift to Jon who has put up with my pink trees for all these years. And then I come across Amy Butler's house, in Home Companion, all decked out in blues and greens for the season. What's a girl to do? I mean these are the exact colors of my current living room (and I'm a sucker for matching holiday decor with preexisting room design).
And check out her wrapping paper. So great. Dilemma here people...


  1. Oh mer I know your dilemma. My House is painted red and green so I can't ever do an alternative colored Christmas. Maybe you could add a touch of red as an accent! Like blue snow and green trees and tiny bit of red as ornaments. Just a thought.

  2. WHat?! No pink tree?

    It's a sad sad day.

    I love the blue and green, though. Ditch the red thing.

    I want to be Amy Butler.

  3. the best is that amy offers free patterns of all of those delightful things shown on her website. tres bien!

  4. This is such a great look and I think you should definitely go for it. I love it for more tropical places too!

  5. Do the green trees on your table!!! Very cute!

    I love her stuff!