[blues and greens]

LinkIt is somewhat of a happy accident that my living room colors ended up in the blue and green family (with added touches of neutrals). We had only so much room on the moving truck when moving out here to California and even though I tried to plan things out in my head before hand, we ended up with a modge podge of home items (I have lamp bases that don't have tops...it's craziness). I've managed to put things together in a way that I'm starting to be pleased with and this recent post from cafe mom (found via sfgirlbybay) about her home has really excited me. I really love the modern white Eams chair with weathered turquoise table. I also really like how she has achieved a well designed, livable space for children (something I struggle with daily, albeit happily). LinkLinkI was also perusing Design Dust today and saw this post on Joel Dewberry's fabric. Love them. I recently purchased a swing for baby O. (a must for a colicky baby) and am not thrilled with the design (I've looked up and down for well designed swings and haven't found anything I'm head over heels with) so I was toying with the idea of sewing a new cover for it. Now, looking at Joel's fabric, I think I'll have to give it a go.


  1. Blue and green are my favorite colors to decorate with. They work so well together and make me very happy. :)

  2. I have lots of blue and green and I plan to expand...

  3. I love the Joel Dewberry collection and it is very close to the colors I am trying to collect for the new baby's room.

    I also love the living room with the blue table and the wall of letters! very VERY cute!

  4. how great is that table???
    your taste is just impeccable.