[Renaissance Woman: Rosie Winstead]

BHG magazine pics via decor8

I'm constantly inspired by all those multi-talented/multi-faceted women out there who do so many things and do them well (particularly in the creative arts). I'm not sure if it's because I suffer an artistic identity complex and love SOO many different things involving design and want do them ALL, or what, but I've decided to devote a regular column to these renaissance women.

This week I'm spotlighting self taught illustrator, writer, flea market maven, interior decorator and most impressively, mother, Rosie Winstead. I simply adore the light and airy, whimsical nature of Rosie's work both in her children's books and in her home decorating. Her knack for piecing together favorite flea market finds is spot on and I love how her decorating sense carries over into the her playful illustrations. It's also very cool that she, like me, came from a family of 9 (yeah for big families!). I wonder at all if that contributes to her perfectly carefree, miss-matched aesthetic. In her bio "Rosie credits her own funky style to her love of flea markets and "self-invention"." I can't wait to see what's next in store for this talented mother of one.


  1. Hey Mer,
    Sounds like you are already there!
    What with your artistic illustration talents, flea market couch, interior design home show, and almost 2 kids!
    Hey girl don't you think you have arrived?!
    I am in great awe of you and your major skills!
    Kudos to both Mer and Rosie!

  2. thanks d-lyn, you're the sweetest.

  3. i agree with you 100% on this artist. i have never seen her work until now and love it! it makes me actually want a girl.

  4. I love this author/illustrator as well. She's talented in so many ways. Do you have any idea how to get in touch with her. I would like to invite her to speak to the Cub Scout pack I'm involved in.

  5. Hi Quinn,
    Sorry, I have no direct connection with Rosie but I'm sure if you did a little web searching you could come across and email or contact info for her. Best of luck.