[Ang & Jonathan]

My dearest and best friend in the world, Angela Brown, is getting married this summer and I was lucky enough to be asked to design the announcements for the wedding. Here is what I have so going so far as well as my own personal inspiration board what what I might do if I were planning her outdoor wedding.

Oh and watch for Angie and Jonathan on HGTV's "First Place" as they they will be on it. They recently finished filming and I can't wait to see how it all unfolds.


  1. Oh Mer, did she love it?
    It is so beautiful!
    I love the color and the butterflies!!!
    Tell us what she thinks!
    It is so gorgeous! And she is getting married on such a fabulous day, hey I'm a little partial...

  2. How cool! She's the one that came to visit you in Hawaii, right? Congratulations to them and your designs are great! I hope I catch their show on TV.