the big THREE "O"

Wow, today I am thirty. I woke up to 30 red roses (boy that's a lot of roses...and a lot of years...) and a lovely breakfast complete with birthday gifts from Jon and Atticus. I don't feel a whole lot different...but it is a bit sad to say goodbye to my twenties. I'm excited for the journey ahead however.

I wanted to share some of my fun gifts that i was able to get thanks to the generosity of friends and family. Thanks so much you guys! I was able to pamper myself with my current favorite scent, Vera Wang Princess and a palette from my favorite brand of eyeshadow, Stila. What fun.


  1. Happy Birthday Merrilee!! It sounds like you had a very nice birthday--I'm so glad:-) It is hard to believe that we're 30 years old (where does the time go?). I loved reading your list about things that currently make you sick (Elmo especially made me laugh!). I hope so much that you start feeling better soon. Love you!

  2. happy birthday!!! i hope you get to feeling better soon.

  3. OH, happy birthday merrilee. I'll bring you over some leftover zofran, the miracle nausia drug.