why I've been banned from ebay...

...by my husband, that is. I purchased these two paintings for what seemed like a steel of $19.99 and $16.99...until I realized that one would be shipped from China (ouch...shipping costs would be killer) and the other had a thick heavy frame...also making shipping costs high. Ok, so I neglect to look at shipping info and the location of the seller far too often...bad ebay newbie mistakes. But hey...practice makes perfect right? I just need more experience. And wouldn't you agree that they just go so perfect in the rooms they were meant for?


  1. Speaking for your husband, who loves the paintings by the way and thinks his wife is an amazing decorator with impeccable taste and style, you haven't been banned. You've just been highly encouraged to look at all the details. :D

  2. don't worry merrilee I'm not even allowed to have an account!